Wandering through the streets of memories I come across many stalls, serving thoughts,some sweet, some sour, of the moments spent in past,treasured_memories_by_aoao2-d5bjdcrevery second and every hour.

Seems like it was yesterday when we first met. For the first time I came out of my nest.

A little skeptical about the world, timid and nervous I took my first step.  All the fear and worries fled, into my world happiness led.

You were my courage, you were my faith, a belief which always stayed.

Then came the day when we parted, eyes were filled with tears and my heart ached.

Always knew that it was meant to, nothing stays forever but memories do.

All I have is the memories, like a box filled with chocolate, having proportion of cocoa varied in each, each bringing out a different taste, leading our way in life’s haste.

Touched by it is our every emotion. Memories are perpetual, that’s my notion.

Remembering some brought tears in my eyes, with a heavy heart I cried.

Why is the question that always arise, there is no answer, I realize.

Moment of happiness and joy take me to the paradise. My eyes gleam and twinkle, on my face a smile lies.

All the stress and tension is taken away, flowers blossom and butterflies fly in my way.

There is a castle of our memories, in the meadows blows the beautiful breeze.

The place is mesmerizing, filled with the colors of our dreams.

In every nook and corner happiness beams.

In memories we always meet, Halloo… U greet 🙂

Yes its memories that made me time travel, treasuring all the precious moments of ours, which will stay till I live, it unravel.


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