There she stands amidst crowd, a little speculative and lost out.

Listening to the chatter, wondering why we have to flatter.

To hide her fear she smiles, in there, she wants to run away miles,

Where she doesn’t have to fake the mood, she is in love with her solitude.

Where she’s the real she, and no one cares who is she,

A faint smile onto her face gleams, she steps into her world of imaginations and dreams.

Far away from judgments and verdicts, she stands across the bridge in an attic.

Beholding the beauty of the place, where the untamed tigress pace.

She flies above the hill, Unchained and freewill.

Let the time stand still, It’s mesmerizing to see the princess do her will.


She knows, she can’t be here forever, but this is the place she wishes to forget never.

It’s an escape to the happiness, where she never feels loneliness.

She isn’t bothered what others think.

She’s the mistress of her dream, in a blink.

There’s nothing to lose and nothing to prove, enjoying her Independence she moves.

No pretense at all, she is above these all.

Hello!!!!!! ……… from the real world someone calls.

She smiles near the falls.

Out loud, HI!!!!!!!!!!! She calls …………. 🙂


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